Hi, This is my second try to convert brushed motor to brushless. I have many pieces of broken DC motors .. why not try to make one working ..

I printed this motor in PLA but I want to reprint it in ABS with some modification, you'll understand why after watching the video.  :)

Printed at layer 0,1 mm, temp head 175, temp bed 40, Nozzle 0,5, infill 50%, wall 1mm, top/bottom 1mm

The diametre of external motor is 28mm, it had nice torsion force and very good speed. I measure 36.900 rpm but after, I had incident :)

Due to a design error, the tolerance between the stator and rotor is reduced from original 0.5mm to 0.2mm, this increase the performance.

I decide to not share file to this motor model for the reason you see in the video :D