Cura engine slicing error

Hi, I noticed that many printing errors are due to the software slicing. At first I think it is printer problem but if you print some piece and have same error .. this is slicing problem.

I find the problem on RepetierHost 1.0.6 CuraEngine, below some photo to underline this.

In the first 4 photo you see that travel way break extrude filament, if this happen when to print a bridge, the extrude break and restart filament in air and fail the bridge.

This is very bad problem, because check slicing travel before the print not guarantees the correct print.


  • 1 layer
  • travel line break extrude
  • layer pre-bridge
  • Layer bridge

First prints 0,05 with new Z axis

Hi, some photo of first test print at layer 0,05 after my Z mod that increase precision of Z axis up to 4,3 or in other numbers  up to 430%  :D

Nozzle used 0,5 mm ... I think to buy one to 0,3 mm ...

Print PLA at 175~180 °C , bed at 40 °C , Retraction 2mm , speed 40~45

English Buldog print time ~ 1 hour and 20, other I not remember. I print Batman head and mini wolf after I refine external width of my nozzle from 2,5 to ~ 1,5. This reduces the melting of the edges.

I tryed to print at layer 0,025 but I see not have sense :)

  • English Buldog
  • English Buldog
  • English Buldog
  • English Buldog
  • Nozzle external width 1,5mm
  • Batman head
  • mini Batman
  • wolf
  • wolf
  • wolf + Batman

Make your mascotte at layer 0,05 mm and colorize it ..  :D

This is a test at layer 0,1 mm before the Z mod ..