Hi, on this page I want collect some mod and tuning on reprap 3D printer. The model I have is 3Drag or Velleman k8200.

I buy and build this printer less than one month ... awaiting of new project .. watch timelapse video of building ... for me it have good trip music. :D  I make three episode because I add some optional things at the build  :D

* FanLess Cooling System

From SgaboLab .. new fanless cooling system for your reprap printer .. :)

* Change Extrude Gear +25% precision

New extrude pinion gear at 8 teeth.

* Test print and Tuning

* XY Motor Tuning

Check correct motors work and set correct step motor to perfect hole and square

* Mod Z axis + 430% precision

Simple Mod Z axis to resolve any problem.


  -  Electronic mod to resolve any hot problem on motor drive