Hi, this is my first experience with PC watercooling. This project is many year old and is still operating, I lose some photo of waterblock's build.
This PC is made in 09/2007 and moded 11/2010, after 7~8 months I rebuild it and cpu waterblocks in another chassis more particular .. :D

The System is:

    Q6600@2,4 overclocked to 3.6GHz
    NVIDIA GTX8800 gpu 576, shader 1300, dram800 overclocked to 612/1500/998
    Motherboard DFI BloodIron P35 FBS 1600, Bus 400, Ram DDR2 at 900MHz
    Power supply Enermax Infinity 650W

I use aquarium pumps 400-500 l/h on 73 cm high, the max pressure of my circuit is around 0,5-0,7 bar.

It work at: water max 35C, cpu max 73-75C no good but work, gpu max 88-90C after 5-6 hours of gaming.
I use two pumps of 400 l / h and build two separate circuits, one for radiator, one for the waterblock. This is because if you use more powerful pumps the vibrations become annoying.
More people realizes the watercooling for the quietness .... and some for overclok ... why not combine the things :)

On this video you want see the first version of build and waterblock :)

and in this video I test the new version of waterblock ..

And in this video you want see second version .. I named pCass ..
new waterblock and one more radiator ..

This system works well still now, it is my master PC, I use windows 7 only for game and LMDE (linux mint debian edition) for other all.

In the next year (2015) I want to upgrade to i7 system and I reworked pCass with new waterblocks and some other thing.

  • first version
  • first version
  • first version
  • first version
  • second model
  • Use original Intel dissipator
  • New in copper
  • New in copper
  • New in copper
  • Q6600 G0 before lapped
  • Q6600 lapped :)